Our joint venture partners

CottonInfo is a joint venture between three cotton industry organisations, Cotton Australia, the Cotton Research and Development Corporation and Cotton Seed Distributors Ltd.

Cotton Australia: advocating for Australian cotton

Cotton Australia is the peak representative body for the Australian cotton growing industry. It determines and drives the industry’s strategic direction, with a strong focus on R&D, promoting the value of the industry, reporting on its environmental credibility, and implementing policy objectives in consultation with its stakeholders.

Cotton Australia helps the Australian cotton industry to be world competitive, sustainable and valued by the community. It has roles in policy and grower representation, best management practices (through the delivery of the myBMP program), promotion and education, and biosecurity.

One of Cotton Australia’s key roles is advocacy, helping to reduce the regulatory burden on growers and advance their interests at all levels. The organisation advocates extensively on a wide range of legislative and regulatory issues confronting growers and has a team of dedicated regional staff, providing support and advice to growers on the ground.

Cotton Australia also plays an important role in providing grower feedback on research priorities, and lobbying for greater funding for rural R&D. Cotton Australia provides ongoing advice to the CRDC on research projects and where research dollars should be invested.

For more, visit the Cotton Australia website.

CRDC: science underpinning the cotton industry’s success

The Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC) invests in research, development and extension projects for the Australian cotton industry. A partnership between the Commonwealth Government and the Australian cotton industry, CRDC exists to support the performance of the cotton industry: helping to increase both the productivity and profitability of growers.

CRDC is funded through a research and development (R&D) levy, which all growers pay (the levy equates to $2.25 for each 227 kilogram bale of cotton), with the Government matching the funds dollar-for-dollar. Over the past 24 years, more than $200 million has been invested in cotton R&D by growers and the Government – and it is estimated that the return on investment for growers is $7 in benefits for every $1 invested.

This year, growers and the Government will co-invest $24 million into cotton R&D. Two of the greatest success stories for the cotton industry - water use efficiency and pesticide use reduction – are the result of R&D, but the successes do not stop there. Research is currently being conducted across the full scope of cotton production: pathology, biosecurity, insects and weeds, spray application, insecticides, Bt stewardship, energy use, nutrition and water use efficiency. There is work constantly underway to make cotton more productive, and profitable, for Australian cotton growers.

Importantly, connecting growers with this research is also a key focus for the CRDC, who are joint partners with Cotton Australia and CSD in the industry extension program, CottonInfo.

For more, visit the CRDC website.

CSD Ltd: cotton seed for tomorrow’s cotton crop

Cotton Seed Distributors (CSD Ltd) has been supplying quality cotton planting seed to the cotton industry for 50 years in 2017. CSD was formed through the vision of Australia’s foundation cotton growers and remains committed to the success of today’s industry.

CSD is a major investor in cotton breeding, research and development, having developed a long and successful partnership with the CSIRO Cotton Breeding Program. CSD’s objective is to deliver elite varieties that are specifically bred and adapted to suit local growing conditions by delivering yield and quality outcomes to keep the Australian cotton industry at the premium end of the global fibre market.

On behalf of the industry, CSD takes an active role in the development and licensing of best in class biotechnology traits that add value to the overall performance of CSD varieties and to Australian growers.

CSD also conducts large scale replicated trials focused on new varieties, technologies and techniques to assess performance across diverse environmental conditions; and provides industry wide extension services focused on cotton production and agronomy.

For more, visit the CSD website.