2024 CottonInfo Calendar puts ‘Water in Focus'

As water use efficiency gains continue to exceed expectations (as featured in the Winter edition of Spotlight) and the cotton industry collectively works to balance a forecast El Nino in the coming seasons, the CottonInfo team decided that the focus of its annual calendar in 2024 would be water. 

Each month of the calendar features a QR code to link growers and consultants to water-related resources relevant to the season.

CottonInfo Technical Lead for Irrigation, Lou Gall, and CottonInfo Program Lead, Janelle Montgomery, advised on the calendar content, based on their wealth of water knowledge as it pertains to the cotton industry.

“The CottonInfo website is an incredible resource, so this is a great opportunity to reconnect growers and consultants to the library of assistance, trials, tools and outcomes that are housed on the platform,” Janelle said.


“With the current forecast for drier conditions this season, it’s more important than ever to plan and be prepared and have a good connection with your local CottonInfo extension person.”

Of course, at the heart of the calendar are gorgeous images, and this year there were dozens of incredible photo submissions from nearly every cotton growing valley in Australia, from Far North Queensland to Southern New South Wales.

The winning shot chosen for the front cover of the calendar was taken and submitted by Annabel Noonan of Nevertire, NSW.