The Spring 2023 edition of Spotlight takes a deep dive into the 2022 Sustainability Update. While the industry has made  significant gains in areas such as water use efficiency, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are up. As a result, this edition includes some articles on CRDC investments into R&D to help growers and post-farm gate sectors to reduce emissions.

It also looks at the new CRDC 2023-28 Strategic RD&E Plan, Clever Cotton, which is structured around the themes of Paddock, People and Planet – in line with the Australian Cotton Industry Sustainability Framework. CRDC’s investments under these pillars is overseen by CRDC's Innovation Brokers, and in this edition, we introduce (or reintroduce) you to each of them, along with CRDC's innovation administrators, business and finance and communications and extension teams. This edition also marks a farewell to CRDC's former Executive Director, Ian Taylor. 

Download your copy here: Spotlight Spring 2023.