The autumn edition of CRDC's magazine, Spotlight, takes a look at two innovative new initiatives underway: the research and development corporation collaboration Agricultural Innovation Australia, and the Federal Government’s Business Research and Innovation Initiative. CRDC is excited to be a part of both these initiatives. 

Also in this edition, we include several articles on innovative technologies that CRDC is investing in as they come to the field. These exciting developments include a new pest detection app, which will change the way we monitor insects, and new yield prediction software. CRDC has not only supported the development of the software, it has supported much of the foundational research which drives the technology. CRDC was pleased to collaborate with CSIRO’s Data61 on the On Farm Experiment app, using data through a CRDC Grassroots Grant. Once released, this will be a game changer for growers wanting to do on-farm trials.

These applications are reflective of two of CRDC's key focuses for 2021 – increased commercialisation and digital transformation. CRDC and its research partners are currently seeking partners to take these technologies to the commercialisation phase: the next step towards ensuring real, tangible benefits for growers and industry.