The autumn 2022 edition of CRDC's magazine, Spotlight, continues the focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Recent events in the carbon trading market have growers contemplating their carbon status and what they should potentially do with any credits. In this edition, we bring you the key things to consider before embarking on soil carbon farming.

In addition, to help growers continue to improve their carbon footprint, we’ve included salient research from leading scientists on how and why nitrogen fertiliser must be better managed for the industry to meet its commitments to sustainability. Not only has trial work been undertaken to ascertain exactly the N requirements of cotton crops, and how and when they use it, but economic analyses of current versus best practice paints a clear picture: we have all the knowledge – we now need action.

CRDC is committed to providing growers with this knowledge, through our targeted R&D and the CottonInfo extension program, to prompt action through decisions around soil health and nutrition. The More Profit from Nitrogen (MPfN) project was a multi-million dollar, five-year investment that has created an in-depth current bank of knowledge, and we’ve included some further articles this edition discussing findings.