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This fact sheet outlines CottonInfo - who we are, what we do, and how you can contact us.

CottonInfo was formed in 2012, and 2018 marked the end of our first Strategic Plan. In this fact sheet, we discover the impact of CottonInfo during its first six years.

The use of pesticides selects for resistance in pest populations. The cotton industry Insecticide Resistance Management Strategy (IRMS) seeks to manage the risk of resistance in all major pests of cotton including aphids, mites, SLW and Helicoverpa, both in conventional and Bt cotton.

The Herbicide Resistance Management Strategy (HRMS) is a tool for managing the risk of herbicide resistance in irrigated and dryland farming systems incorporating herbicide-tolerant cotton.

This fact sheet - a collaboration between CRDC, Cotton Australia, CSD, CottonInfo and Bayer - outlines some of the main considerations when growing cotton in a tropical environment.



This booklet was produced for the GVIA, Irrigation Australia and CottonInfo siphon-less irrigation field day, which took place in February 2019.  

This booklet contains a summary of the research presented and case studies from growers who have adopted siphon-less irrigation. 

In this e-newsletter from January 2019, CottonInfo IPM Technical Lead Paul Grundy outlines the ten top points to assist growers with decision making re SLW.

With biosecurity being a shared responsibility, it is important that researchers, extension officers and industry members take an active and key role in helping progress on-farm biosecurity conversations with growers as part of managing biosecurity risks.

Silverleaf Whitefly (SLW) is a major pest in cotton. It has the ability to contaminate cotton lint with honeydew, has a large host range, can rapidly reproduce and can develop resistance to many insecticides.

On farm storages are the largest source of water loss on most irrigated farms.

This booklet was produced for CottonInfo's Optimising Irrigation and Nitrogen Researchers Tour, which took place in February 2018.

This fact sheet, from CottonInfo and myBMP's series of NRM best practice fact sheets, outlines the impact of native vegetation on integrated pest management (IPM). 


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