The CottonInfo team invite you to soil your undies... all in the name of soil health.

Do your own fun soil science experiment to see how healthy your soil is. All you need to do is: bury a pair of 100 per cent white cotton undies in topsoil for two months and then check the level of decomposition. If there’s not much left of the undies you have good biological activity, which indicates healthy soil. These same soil organisms can break down plant materials in much the same way.

For cotton growers who would like to participate, contact your local CottonInfo REO to request a pair of cotton undies, bury them, dig them up two months later, and share your photos with your REO, the twitter community using the hashtag #soilyourundies, and online using our interactive map

We also encourage schools and the general community to purchase 100% cotton underwear and participate.

For more information, see our quick and dirty how to guide, or view our #soilyourundies video series on youtube

You can also learn more about the experiment via this ABC News article.


Soil your undies steps