The Australian cotton industry's Herbicide Resistance Management Strategy (HRMS) is a tool for managing the risk of herbicide resistance in irrigated and dryland farming systems incorporating herbicide-tolerant cotton. 

The strategy has been developed in response to the escalating problem of group M herbicide resistance. Resistance to glyphosate has been confirmed in a number species in cotton farming systems including awnless barnyard grass, fleabane, sowthistle, windmill grass, ryegrass and most recently, sweet summer grass (Brachiaria eruciformis).

CRDC instigated the HRMS project to provide growers and agronomists with more support in making changes to weed control practices through the development of an industry-wide herbicide resistance management strategy.

The HRMS is updated annually to ensure it remains relevant for cotton growers. It is published each year in the CRDC/CottonInfo Cotton Pest Management Guide.