Reniform Nematode research update - Emerald

CottonInfo invites you to join the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Cotton Pathology team to hear about the latest reniform nematode research updates.

Trial work and updates includes:

  • The impact of different reniform nematode populations on root infestation, cotton growth and yield of common Bollgard 3 varieties. 
  • Are non-hosts of reniform nematodes really a non-host? 
  • Vertical movement of reniform nematode in vertisol soil in response to cotton and a non-host (sorghum).  
  • Populations this season in the soil profile at depth 
  • New detections of reniform nematode in Central Queensland. 

Date: Wednesday 31 July
Time: as part of the Central Highlands Cotton Growers & Irrigators Association General Meeting
Location: Mayfair Tavern
For more:  please contact Sharna Holman, CottonInfo Central Queensland REO, 0477 394 116 or

Emerald QLD