The use of pesticides selects for resistance in pest populations. The cotton industry Insecticide Resistance Management Strategy (IRMS) seeks to manage the risk of resistance in all major pests of cotton including aphids, mites, SLW and Helicoverpa, both in conventional and Bt cotton. Additional resistance management requirements are also in place for managing the risk of Helicoverpa developing resistance to Bt cotton. 

The development of the IRMS is driven by the Transgenic and Insect Management Strategies (TIMS) Committee as advised by the TIMS Insecticide Technical Panel. TIMS is a part of Cotton Australia. The results from the insecticide and miticide resistance monitoring programs, carried out during the season, are used to inform the committee of any field-scale changes in resistance levels. Extensive communication and discussion with cotton growers and consultants is undertaken in all regions of the Australian cotton industry before TIMS finalises their recommendations.

The IRMS is updated annually to ensure it remains relevant for cotton growers. It is published each year in the CRDC/CottonInfo Cotton Pest Management Guide.

Download 2023/24 IRMS here.