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Gross Margin risk analysis: Water Use Efficiency.

Cavitoma is a rare phenomenon which is not experienced often locally, however there have been several incidents reported in Australian cotton growing valleys in 2023.

Gross Margin risk analysis: nitrogen prices and NFUE

While there is little that can be done about the cost of nitrogen, growers can still manage their N input costs by looking at their nitrogen fertiliser use efficiency (NFUE).

Seed cotton that is delivered to the gin contains three main components: fibre, seed, and trash. One of the major tasks of the gin is to separate the fibre from the seed and remove trash.

This fact sheet looks at the costs and benefits of installing a floating photovoltaic (FPV) array. Three scenarios are explored using a case study site near Goondiwindi, QLD.

Fish entrainment is the situation where river and channel pumps remove fish from natural waterways and these fish are unable to return to the river, impacting the long-term resilience and health of aquatic ecosystems within our inland river systems.

Verticillium wilt is caused by the soil-borne fungal pathogen Vertillicum dahliae. The pathogen has a large range of hosts and is easily spread through soil and machinery. A strong integrated disease management (IDM) strategy is crucial for managing for Verticillium wilt.

Northern Australia cotton growers (NT, Nth Qld, WA) are encouraged to monitor and report any unusual symptoms in their crops, following the recent confirmation of grey mildew disease, caused by the fungal pathogen Ramulariopsis sp. 

An integrated weed management system relies on a large number of interrelated, complementary components including both chemical and non-chemical
tactics as well as cultural practices such as rotation, crop competition, farm hygiene, and crop scouting.

In this fact sheet, we look at a particular type of enhanced efficiency fertiliser (EEF): urease inhibitor, and how it may help improve your return on fertiliser investment.