Chantal Corish is a PhD candidate from Central Queensland University supported by CRDC.

Chantal's PhD project is about understanding the role of psychological safety on learning and performance behavious among cotton farmer leaders and employees.

Gerardo is a PhD. student from Deakin University who is investigating the interaction between bankless channel irrigation and nitrogen management for better information on water and NUE factors.

Learn more about him and his work in this researcher profile.

Lisa Bird is a Senior Research Scientist with NSW DPI. Specialising in entomology, Lisa's currently working on a CRDC/GRDC research project, 'Improved insecticide resistance monitoring for key pests to support sustianable insect management'.

Linda Smith is a Principal Plant Pathologist with the Qld Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (QDAF). Linda's research focus is the Tactical Management and Surveillance of Verticillium, Fusarium and Reoccuring Wilts. Get to know more about Linda and the key findings of her work to date.

Chi Nguyen is a Technical Officer Pathology with NSW DPI. Get to know her and her current work that's focused on surveillance, pathogen characterisation and management of Alternaria leaf spot and black root rot.

Duy Le is a cotton pathologist with NSW DPI. Originally from Vietnam he's now based in Narrabri and doing critical research into Alternaria leaf spot and black root rot pathogens of cotton in New South Wales.

Read more about his work and learn more about him!

Associate Professor Wendy Quayle from Deakin University is working CRDC Research Project RDC Research Project, 'Optimising irrigation performance in bankless channel

Sarah Dadd from NSW DPI works on two CRDC Research Projects - Limited Water Decision Support (2022-2024) as well as Water Productivity Benchmarking in the Australian Cotton Industry (2022-

Malem McLeod is a Research Officer at NSW DPI and leads the CRDC Research Project Water Productivity Benchmarking in the Australian Cotton Industry (2022-2025).

Dr Robert Sharwood is a Senior Lecturer & VC Fellow at Western Sydney University.

Dr Sharwood is working on the CRDC Research Project, 'Climate Proof Cotton'.

Learn more about his research and the key findings to date.

Dr Demi Sargent is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow from Western Sydney University and an affiliate of CSIRO.

Her research area is abiotic stress (ie heat and drought) and photosynthesis.