CSD field day and trial walk - Cecil Plains

All welcome to come along for breakfast, followed by an informative morning and the opportunity to have a look at the trials program on ‘Wamara’ this season.


  • Industry representatives to speak about solenopsis mealybug and pigeon pea little leaf phytoplasma.
  • Nufarm to speak about upcoming chemical options for weed control in waterways.
  • Monsanto to speak about the coming season.
  • David McGrath (OneCrop), Michael Freeman (Norseman Machinery) and Nic Clapham (local grower) to speak about establishing crops planted under biodegradable film.
  • Lee Reithmuller (CSIRO) and Sam Lee (CSD) to speak about CSIRO and CSD trials on ‘Wamara’.

Date: Tuesday 28 March, 2017
Time: 7:00am (Starting with breakfast at the sheds)
Location: ‘Wamara’, 2942 Pampas Horrane Road, Cecil Plains
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Cecil Plains