CottonInfo, the Australian cotton industry's joint extension program, has published a new interactive guide to help cotton growers restore native habitats on their farms.

The Native Revegetation Guide for Australian Cotton Growers is available to download now from the CottonInfo website. It builds on the latest research and outlines six key steps to successful revegetation in cotton catchments. 

CottonInfo's NRM Technical Lead, Stacey Vogel, said the new guide responds to the rising grower interest in restoring native habitats to support the rich diversity of species that live on cotton farms.

"The Native Revegetation Guide for Australian Cotton Growers summarises six practical, cost-effective solutions for restoring habitat connectivity and managing revegetation projects in the heavy clay soils common in cotton regions.

"It's an interactive tool that takes growers through planning, preparing, planting, growing and monitoring revegetation sites.

"Developed through significant CRDC-led research, it brings together a range of revegetation tools and resources into one place."

Stacey said Australian cotton growers are interested in revegetation for a variety of reasons.

"More and more cotton growers are looking into revegetation to boost their properties' biodiversity.

"Protecting and enhancing biodiversity is essential because biodiversity delivers ecosystem services that growers and communities enjoy and depend on.

"Revegetation supports habitat for natural pest control agents, soil stabilisation and carbon sequestration. It provides shade and shelter for stock and windbreaks.

"It also strengthens ecosystem functions that sustain healthy environments, such as nutrient cycling, microclimate regulation and waste amelioration. And can attract economic benefits, such as agroforestry, natural capital and carbon accounting."

Stacey also said that revegetation plays an important role in meeting sustainability goals and demonstrating good environmental stewardship.

"Australian cotton recognises sustainability is integral to the industry's future and is setting targets to improve farm and cotton landscape biodiversity conditions. This new guide will help growers and the industry meet those important targets."

For more information and to download the Native Revegetation Guide for Australian Cotton Growers, visit the CottonInfo Natural Resource Management page on the website.

The Native Revegetation Guide for Australian Cotton Growers is an outcome of the Cotton Landcare Tech Innovations 2021 project funded by Cotton Research and Development Corporation, with support from the Australian Government's National Landcare Program Smart Farming Partnership Initiative Round 1.