Come Clean Go Clean: Bio-Cleanse alternative to Farm Cleanse (3 October 2017)

Farm Hygiene products: Castrol has made a decision to discontinue Farm Cleanse. An alternative product suitable for the needs of the industry is Bio-Cleanse, manufactured by Queensland Cleaning Solutions. Bio-Cleanse is a premium detergent/degreaser for agricultural equipment, specifically designed for use in cotton and other agricultural crops where Fusarium wilt and other fungal diseases are prominent.

Bio-Cleanse is used in a similar manner as Farm Cleanse:

  1. Before using Bio-Cleanse, or any detergent/sanitiser product, it is important to ensure all excess soil, mud and trash from all surfaces of the equipment or vehicle including wheel archers and tyres is removed.
  2. This pre-clean can be completed by using a pressure cleaner applying high pressure water to remove as much excess soil, mud and trash, which can be carrying pests, pathogens and weeds seeds, is removed prior to applying the detergent/sanitiser product.
  3. Spray Bio-Cleanse at a 10 per cent concentration onto the contaminated surface, leave for at least 5-10 minutes, and then rinse clean with high pressure water.
  4. Remember to rinse the wash down floor pad regularly using a pressure cleaner to ensure you eliminate the possibility of transferring pathogen and weed seed carrying mud and trash to production areas when moving equipment and vehicles.

Previous industry studies conducted by DAF have shown that Bio-Cleanse has performed better than Farm Cleanse in comparative studies, with Bio-Cleanse killing 99.8 per cent of spores in the soil compared to Farm Cleanse which killed 87 per cent when used appropriately.

For more information on Bio-Cleanse please refer to this product data sheet.

Further information on how to use Bio-Cleanse appropriately to ensure good farm hygiene performance can be found here.

Please contact your agricultural reseller to find out if they stock Bio-Cleanse, or contact Mark Blokkeerus from Queensland Cleaning Solutions to organise distribution on or 0401 030 923.